Paper and Plastic Grades

New Zealand Pulp and Paper ship to most world ports through our own export department on a CNF or FAS basis.
All grades of wastepaper are based on the specifications of the USPS (United States Paper Stock).

Paper Grade Specification

PS:1MXDMixed Wastepaper
PS:3SMXDSuper mixed Wastepaper
PS:4BBCBox Board Cuttings
PS:6ONPNews - Kerbside
PS:8ONPDe-Ink News
PS:11OCCCorrugated containers
PS:13NDLKCNDLK Corrugated Cuttings
PS:33EVLNew Coloured Envelope Cuttings
PS:37SOPSorted Office Paper
PS:38SCLSorted coloured Ledger
PS:40SWLSorted White Ledger
PS:43CBSCoated Book Stock

Plastic Grades

Recovered Export Plastic Grades
HDPE Clear
HDPE Colour
PET Clear
PET Colour
LDPE Clear
LDPE Colour
Recovered Export Cullet Grades
Flint Cullet
Amber Cullet
Green Cullet
Mixed Colour Cullet

New Zealand Pulp and Paper firmly believe in the re-use and recovery of the World's resources.