Pulp & Paper Exporters

NZPP Trade pulp and paper to a number of large companies throughout the world.

We have a direct relationships with many New Zealand and overseas Paper Mills to supply long term quality recovered paper and virgin pulp grades.

Products traded range from Waste Paper Grades to Pulp Grades and finished paper goods products.

It is with this concept that we believe success is based on building new and ongoing business that is sustainable for all parties for a good business environment.

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Export Paper Grades

New Zealand Pulp and Paper ship to most world ports through our own export department on a CNF or FAS basis.

Listed below are the main paper grades exported on a monthly basis, Paper grades specification - All grades of wastepaper are based on the specifications of the USPS (United States Paper Stock).

Paper Grade Specifications

NZ Pulp and Paper

We operate under 'The Fibre of Life' concept which relates to dynamic use of the sustainable fibre and the re-use of paper and fibre products in today's society.

As we are part of the recovery chain we promote recycling based programs and add value to the product and the end user. This is achieved by working with our customers to insure the end user markets are totally satisfied with the quality of the recovered products they receive. We at NZPP are proud to be members of the Recycling Operators of New Zealand. (RONZ)

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